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Recently, Green Convert company has conducted a complete conversion of nine Fiat Panda cars to EV cars for Energa Operator Company. The conversion was made by using the latest technology and innovative solutions.

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Winning a top position on the emerging Polish electric vehicles market is a strategic goal of the Green Convert company. We introduce to the Polish market the newest technologies concerning the development of electric vehicles. Our activity is focused on four basic areas:

  • Conversion of combustion-engined vehicles to electric ones,
  • Sales of electric vehicles,
  • Forming national network of vehicle conversion,
  • Deployment of the latest technologies in cooperation with innovative entities. 

Combustion engines, through emission of carbon dioxide and toxic chemicals to the atmosphere, pollute our environment. Therefore, replacing traditional vehicles with more efficient alternatives is also supported through legal activities. The directive 2009/28/EC of 23 April 2009 is one of the most important regulations concerning this issue introduced in the last years. Pursuant to its provisions until 2020 in European Union at least 20% of produced energy must be generated from renewable energy sources. Moreover, the total energy consumption must be decreased by 20% and emission of greenhouse gases is supposed to drop by the same percentage. The relevance of company’s strategy is confirmed by substantial growth of environmental awareness of Polish consumers.

Technological advancement is also of significance. Present technological solutions enable to store as much as 100 kWh of energy in a battery with a weight of about 300 kg. This means that a 50 kg battery allows covering 160 km without recharging.  


We are aware of the fact that promotion of electric vehicles on our market requires simultaneous development of renewables (which are necessary to power smart, large scale charging networks) and creating a dense network of charging points for EVs. We are convinced that by offering products and services to our customers, we contribute to the fact that more and more people can benefit from the development of electric vehicles and renewables markets in Poland.